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Deep dive in Black Summit Laax

Luxury Houses


by Michela Pittaluga

Nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Laax has become a popular destination for its breathtaking landscapes and thrilling slopes. Black Summit, a new upscale development, promises to redefine luxury living in the area. It offers an exclusive experience that goes beyond just a home. In an interview with Jason Savidge, the General Manager of Black Summit apartments, we explore what makes this development unique. 

Unmatched Amenities

Get ready to be amazed, as Black Summit is the only development in Laax that offers both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, taking the level of leisure and relaxation to new heights. In addition, each apartment features a private sauna, providing a peaceful and refreshing sanctuary within the confines of your own space.

Designed for Families

The apartments at Black Summit have been designed with families in mind. Every detail and amenity has been thoughtfully crafted to cater to the needs of both children and adults. The result is an environment that fosters comfort, convenience, and a sense of belonging for all family members.

An International Community

The Black Summit apartments are home to residents of diverse nationalities, creating a dynamic and international atmosphere. It is more than just a living space; it is a melting pot of global connections and opportunities to form new friendships.

The beyoul Advantage

Black Summit's partnership with beyoul is one of the most intriguing aspects of the development. The co-ownership model offered by Beyoul perfectly complements the managed apartments at Black Summit, providing individuals with a unique opportunity for ownership while indulging in the luxurious lifestyle the development offers. Jason, the General Manager of Black Summit, emphasizes how this partnership provides a pathway for profit generation and ownership participation.

Black Summit is a unique blend of top-notch amenities, family-oriented design, international community, and an innovative co-ownership model by beyoul. This makes it stand out as an unparalleled gem in Laax's real estate landscape.

More than just a residential complex, Black Summit is a lifestyle statement, a haven for families, and a beacon of sophistication nestled in the Swiss Alps.

At Black Summit, you can experience the pinnacle of luxury living. Every moment transcends the ordinary, and every detail reflects excellence.

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CEO Report on Swiss Real Estate market for second homes 2023

Tips & Advices


by Reto Schleier

Over the past six months, the Swiss real estate market has witnessed noteworthy developments, particularly in the realm of vacation properties and second homes. In this report, I'll provide my view onto these changes:


1. Market Resilience Amid Global Challenges

The Swiss vacation property market has shown remarkable resilience despite ongoing global uncertainties. Investors continue to view Switzerland as a safe haven and are increasingly interested in diversifying their real estate portfolios by investing in Swiss properties, particularly in picturesque alpine regions. Foreign investors are especially keen on properties in these regions.

2. Financing Challenges and Rising Costs

In an Article by Handelszeitung earlier this year, Maciej Skokzek, Real Estate Analyst at UBS, sheds light on the financial aspects affecting the Swiss vacation property market. In recent months, financing conditions have taken a hit. Mortgage interest rates have more than doubled compared to early 2022. For instance, in the case of a property valued at 1 million Swiss Francs with a 60 percent loan-to-value ratio, current interest costs are estimated to be around 15,000 Swiss Francs annually. Just a year ago, these costs were approximately 6,000 Swiss Francs. Moreover, investors now have the option to allocate the necessary capital for property purchases into alternative investments like bonds, which, thanks to the rise in interest rates, now offer a positive return. Consequently, the appeal of purchasing a vacation property as a capital investment, has diminished.


3 Supply and Demand Dynamics

Ten years ago, the second-home initiative was passed, which prohibits the construction of new second homes in municipalities where more than a fifth of homes are already second homes. This law has resulted in a lack of supply, with few existing homes being put on the market and hardly any new ones being built. As a result, in the renowned regions of Graubünden, Berne, and Central Switzerland, only around 1.5% of housing stock is currently available for sale.

According to a study by economist Robert Weinert on Wüest Partner, many tourist resorts and valleys around Chur, Arosa and the Engadin are expected to face a severe housing shortage due to the anticipated building activity. As a result, the canton of Graubünden should brace itself for tough times. The study predicts that only 570 new flats will be built by 2026 for every 1,000 required.


4 Steady value increasing for second homes

 According to the UBS Alpine Property Focus 2023, holiday homes in the Alps have cumulatively increased in price by almost 25% since the end of 2019, while the overall market has risen by 15%.

Despite currently record-high prices, vacation properties are expected to offer long-term value preservation. Swiss Alpine chalets in prime locations remain in strong demand from investors, as Switzerland's reputation as a safe haven safeguard against declining prices. As long as the Swiss Franc retains its status, this international purchasing power reservoir is likely to protect against price drops.

In conclusion, if you aspire to own a luxurious property in a prime location in the Swiss Alps, rest assured that it is still a safe and solid investment. However, you should be prepared to pay a premium for it.

beyoul offers a solution to premium prices in the Swiss Alps.

 So the question is: is now the right time to buy a second home?

There are several questions to be addressed when taking this decision:


1.     How much am I ready to invest to buy a second home?

2.     Am I financially capable or willing to open a mortgage for a second home?

3.     How much the running costs to maintain a second home will impact my financial goals?

4.     How much will I use a second home?


The answers to these questions are very personal, of course. However, I want to underline today a new possibility in the Swiss Market, brought by beyoul, that is the solution for owning a second home with peace of mind.



Financial impact when buying a second home in a traditional way


I want to approach the topic starting from a quick calculation of costs. Suppose you want to buy a second home in Flims, where the price per square meter starts at 16,000 CHF. If you want a new built or prime location, you should expect to spend even more. For a 4.5 room apartment of approximately 100 square meters, the expected price would be around 2,000,000 CHF.


Assuming you are willing to open a mortgage for a second home, you still need to pay 40% of the price in cash, which comes up to 800,000 CHF. Then, you have to take out a mortgage of 1,200,000 CHF, with an interest rate of approximately 3%. This is quite an expensive investment, I must say.


Let's approach the calculation differently. Assuming you have 250,000 CHF in liquidity and need to take out a mortgage for the remaining amount, the maximum cost of the flat you can buy is around 650,000 CHF. But what kind of property can you get for that amount in the Swiss Alps?


It's important to keep in mind that you'll need to renew and furnish the property yourself, and any unexpected maintenance costs will also be your responsibility.  And don’t forget the tax implications you suffer from the imputed rental value.


Additionally, you should consider how frequently you'll be able to use the property. Taking into account family and work commitments, you may only be able to spend an average of 3-4 days per month, which means 36-48 days per year.


Financial impact when buying a second home in beyoul co-ownership model


Let's apply the same calculations to a beyoul property in co-ownership.


If you have a cash down payment of 800,000 CHF, like in example n.1, you can purchase 2 shares of a co-owned property worth 3'220'000 CHF with beyoul, such as Casa Dado in Flims. With this, you get much more than 3.5 rooms and 80 m2, as Casa Dado is a unique 4.5 attic in Flims Dorf that spans over 129m2.


What's more, compared to our previous calculation, you get to stay in the property for double the amount of days, as 2 shares allow you to stay in the property an average of 72 to 96 days (depending on your preferred season).


What if your budget is 250,000 CHF as in example number 2? You can buy a share in the new development in Fontauna, Disentis. This will give you ownership of a brand new 3.5 room apartment spread over 107 sqm and you will also be able to use the shared amenities like the spa! And still used it the average time of a traditionally owned property, 36 to 48 days a year.


In conclusion, beyoul provides you with the chance to take part in secure real estate investments in Switzerland as a co-owner of a property, allowing you to acquire with the same down payment necessary to buy 100% of a property, a property whose values is circa 3-4 times higher. At beyoul we have made sure that 1/8 of the property corresponds to the average time a 100% owned second home is typically used (44 credits. Furthermore, all maintenance costs are shared equally among the 8 co-owners and managed by beyoul. This makes owning a second home hassle-free for you.


What are you waiting for? Join our community and start owning smart - your luxury home at 1/8 of its price.

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Hidden gem in the Swiss Alps: Disentis

Tips & Advices


by Michela Pittaluga

Disentis, located in the canton of Graubünden in the Swiss Alps, offers an authentic Alpine experience with its majestic peaks and lush valleys. The town is renowned for Disentis Abbey, a key cultural and religious center founded in the 8th century. Its influence is still evident in the town's architecture and local way of life.

Disentis is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts with hiking trails, mountain biking routes, mountaineering, paragliding, and a growing ski resort.


In today's blog, we want to highlight why Disentis is an interesting location for second home owners. The town shares similarities with Andermatt, which has undergone a significant transformation in recent years due to the Andermatt Swiss Alps project. Led by Egyptian billionaire Samih Sawiris, the visionary development initiative seeks to turn Andermatt, an unknown Swiss gem until 10 years ago, into a year-round international tourism destination. The project includes the construction of luxury hotels, upscale residences, golf courses, and a state-of-the-art ski resort. This comprehensive development plan successfully blends modern architecture with the traditional Alpine style, preserving the town's heritage while offering world-class amenities.

Disentis is undergoing right now development projects to enhance its appeal. Ski facilities are expanding, infrastructure is improving, new real estate projects are developing, and historic buildings are being renovated while preserving the town's authenticity and natural beauty. Experts predict Disentis will become the Andermatt of 2030. 


Invest in this opportunity with beyoul now! Stay tuned, more to come!


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Fewer holiday flats available in Switzerland

Tips & Advices


by Nicole Hardegger

Switzerland is a popular holiday destination that attracts thousands of visitors every year. Especially holiday flats in the mountains are sought-after options for international and national guests who travel to the Alps for hiking or snow sports. However, there is an increasing shortage of holiday homes in Switzerland as various cantons introduce stricter measures to limit second homes. Effective immediately, Ticino has introduced the toughest rules in Switzerland for booking portals like Airbnb. Private rentals in Ticino are now only allowed for 90 days.  


Stricter measures for second home ownership in Switzerland  

Second homeowners in tourist regions in Switzerland who rent out their homes will have to face stricter regulations (NZZ, 2023). Ticino has introduced stricter regulations for booking systems like Airbnb with immediate effect. Private property owners are now only allowed to rent out their holiday flat or house in Ticino for a maximum of 90 days a year. Around a quarter of all overnight stays were rented out via private structures in 2021 - and the market is growing. But there are probably also many second-home owners who help finance their property in this way. Similar measures are planned in other popular tourist destinations. This applies in particular to municipalities such as Ascona, Muralto and Orselina, where the permissible quota of second homes has already been exceeded. Anyone wishing to rent out their property for a more extended period, therefore, has to register as a business, but this route would greatly reduce the property's value estate market. 


Amidst the sudden introduction of the stricter regulations, there are many ambiguities according to NZZ. Some municipalities have already taken measures to ensure compliance, but others have yet to follow. Nevertheless, it is obvious that holiday home landlords are subject to closer scrutiny. The main goal of the cantons is to ensure that booking platforms such as Airbnb, Interhome or e-Domizil also pay tourist taxes to the government. However, the newly discovered regulations have also led to unexpected consequences for private individuals. In Lucerne, too, the popular initiative "Protect living space - regulate Airbnb" was adopted by a clear majority last March. Geneva also has a so-called Airbnb regulation. There, flats may also be rented out for a maximum of 90 days. In the city of Bern, the voters already voted in favour of a corresponding partial revision of the city's building code in the spring with a yes vote of 81.2 per cent. The provisions have not yet been implemented in either Bern or Zurich.  


Rental housing in Switzerland is likely to become scarcer due to stricter regulations, but demand is increasing because of the rise in tourists and location-independent work. We argue why co-ownership can be the solution to this dilemma and what the advantages of it are over traditional home ownership. 

The Future of Second Homes: Co-Ownership  

The future of second homes in Switzerland lies in the innovative concept of real estate co-ownership. By sharing holiday homes, limited resources can be used more efficiently, while at the same time enabling cost savings and true second home ownership. 


  • Efficient use of resources and cost savings.  


Sharing properties in the co-ownership model enables more efficient use of limited resources in the holiday home market. The beyoul co-ownership model offers two to eight parties the opportunity to own a holiday home. This leads to significant cost savings in the purchase and maintenance of the property. This makes second homes affordable for more people.  


  • Investment and real ownership  

Unlike other models such as time-sharing, co-ownership allows for actual ownership of the shares purchased. This not only ensures access to a property, but also an investment in this asset class. Co-owners can dispose of the property according to their needs. In addition, they can conveniently reserve stays via an app. 


  • Intelligent organisation and convenience  


A credit system in conjunction with a smart algorithm ensures a fair distribution of availability among the co-owners. This allows the co-owners to plan their stays flexibly and adapt them to their individual needs. Before each stay, the property is professionally cleaned and any wear and tear is repaired. This ensures a high level of comfort during each visit.  


  • The advantages of Co-Ownership as a second home  


Co-ownership as a second home offers a great solution for those who want to enjoy the benefits of owning their own holiday home without the high costs and obligations of sole ownership. By sharing property, second homes become more accessible and affordable. At the same time, co-ownership enables the building of a community of like-minded people who share similar interests and usage desires. 



NZZ, 2023. URL:

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Own smart - your own piece of paradise

Tips & Advices


by Nicole Hardegger

Owning a holiday home is a dream for many people. The idea of having a place to escape to whenever you need a break is certainly appealing. However, the reality of owning a holiday home can be daunting. It's expensive, requires maintenance and upkeep, and is often underused. Fortunately, there is a new way to own a holiday home that makes it accessible and affordable to more people. Beyoul brings the co-ownership model to Switzerland and revolutionises the way people own holiday homes. It offers a modern solution to the traditional problem of owning a second home, allowing multiple owners to share the benefits of home ownership. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of beyoul co-ownership and how it can make owning a holiday home a reality for many more people.

1. What is the beyoul co-ownership?

The beyoul co-ownership offers a modern way of owning a holiday home. Instead of a single party, two to eight parties with complementary use wishes own a holiday home. This significantly reduces the costs of purchase and maintenance. Each owner has access to the property for a certain period of time throughout the year, depending on their share. Co-ownership allows you to own a holiday home in a prime location without having to worry about the high maintenance and upkeep costs associated with owning a property directly. In addition, co-ownership allows owners to share the responsibility of maintaining the property, making it a cost-effective and practical option. With this innovative approach, you can enjoy the flexibility of owning a holiday home without the associated hassle and financial burden.

2. How does co-ownership work?

According to your participation, you can dispose of the property proportionally and reserve stays conveniently via the app. A credit system in conjunction with a smart algorithm ensures a fair distribution of availability among the co-owners.

Before each stay, the property is professionally cleaned and any wear and tear is repaired so that you experience the same pleasure with each visit as when you first entered your dream home. Arrive and enjoy, that's what beyoul is all about. We take care of everything else so that you can enjoy every minute of your stay to the full. Our service team is available 365 days a year to ensure you have an all-round relaxing experience. Find out more about the included services here.

3. Advantages of the beyoul co-ownership model
  1. Co-ownership allows more people to have a second home. Natural space is used efficiently and sustainably.

  2. No more expenses for the management and maintenance of the property. The owners can enjoy the holiday home without having to worry about maintenance, cleaning and repairs.

  3. beyoul ensures that the property is always in excellent condition and cleaned before each visit. In addition, beyoul always stocks up on consumables, including fresh towels.

  4. Unlike other models, such as time-sharing, the shares you purchase actually become your property and therefore represent not only access to a property, but also a real investment in this asset class.

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Tell us how we can tailor the offer to your needs and enter our competition to win a voucher at Mammut store.

Tips & Advices


by Michela Pittaluga

Welcome back from your holiday! We hope you had a wonderful vacation and would like to make your return even sweeter by offering the opportunity to build lasting memories in your own second home.

1. How beyoul can make your wish come true?

With beyoul, co-ownership in the Swiss Alps can make your dream come true. We find perfect second homes in the hottest mountain locations in Switzerland, renovate them to top market amenities, offer them to smart co-owners and finally manage them. You can buy your share of 1/8 of the total price, and enjoy the property when you want within your credit limit, without worrying about maintenance, cleaning, etc.

What are you waiting for? Find your co-owned property with Beyoul and plan your next mountain vacation.


2. At beyoul, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service possible.

As your feedback matters to us, we value your time and opinions. To show our gratitude, we're offering you a chance to win one voucher worth 150 CHF each*. These vouchers can be used to purchase premium sports gear from Mammut Store.

Grab this opportunity to enhance your adventure and be one of our lucky winners!


* Disclaimers:

The drawing will end at the latest on October 30, 2023. The winners will be informed personally. Furthermore, no correspondence will be conducted regarding the contest. Cash payment or exchange of prizes is excluded. Participants can enter the contest by emailing with the subject "Competition" instead of filling out the form. Both methods have the same chances of winning. The contest may be terminated or interrupted by the organizer for legal or technical reasons. Participants who violate the terms of participation may be excluded from the contest. Participation in the contest is limited to individuals residing in Switzerland, who are at least 18 years old. Swiss law exclusively applies to the contest. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Zurich.

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Co-ownership as an investment with stable value in times of crisis.

Tips & Advices


by Michela Pittaluga

As the economic landscape changes rapidly, uncertainties and market fluctuations are becoming more common. Co-ownership in the Real Estate market is a great way for owners to feel secure and have a hedge against market downturns. Co-ownership in Real Estate has a significant advantage in maintaining a stable value during times of crisis. Unlike traditional investments like stocks that can be highly volatile and susceptible to market shocks, co-ownership in Real Estate provides a more resilient and protected investment option.

This is particularly valuable in times of economic turmoil, as the shared ownership structure helps to spread the risk among multiple owners, reducing the impact of any potential losses.

Co-ownership is a great way for individuals to combine their resources and invest in assets that they couldn't afford on their own. When like-minded investors come together, they can purchase high-value properties, such as luxury vacation homes, that would typically be too expensive for one person to buy. This method also allows second homeowners to expand their investment portfolio.

The benefits of co-ownership do not end here. Co-ownership offers more than just financial benefits. It promotes a sense of community and collaboration among owners, through shared responsibility and accountability. This leads to better communication and cooperation among co-owners.

Lastly, co-ownership offers second home owners the flexibility to tailor their investment strategy to their specific needs and preferences, allowing individuals to participate in the Immobilien AG according to their desired level of usage. This adaptability makes co-ownership an ideal choice for individuals with varying needs and desires for multiple assets.

In conclusion, co-ownership of real estate property is the perfect option to mitigate risk, provide access to high-value assets, foster collaboration, and offer flexibility. As the Real Estate landscape continues to evolve, co-ownership stands as a testament to the power of collective ownership in navigating through uncertain times.

Own Smart. beyoul

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Top 5 locations in the Swiss Alps to spend your summer.

Tips & Advices


by Michela Pittaluga

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Switzerland! In this blog, we'll highlight the top 5 must-visit places during the summer season. Whether you're organizing a summer vacation or a weekend getaway in the Swiss Alps, make sure to add these amazing destinations to your itinerary. Switzerland's stunning panorama has earned it a global reputation, and we're excited to share the best spots with you. Get ready to explore majestic Switzerland!


1. Flims

Located in the canton of Graubunden, Flims is a popular summer destination that is perfect for bikers, hikers, and families. This incredibly versatile vacation spot boasts a wide range of activities, including numerous hiking trails, mountain biking routes, and stunning lakes, making it a great mix of adventure and relaxation.

In the summer, one of the most popular activities in Flims is to relax with a swim at Lake Cauma. To reach Lake Cauma, start at Flims Waldhaus and take a relaxing stroll through the forest. The trail is also suitable for buggies and wheelchairs. It's worth noting that there's an option to take a lift to and from the lake. The lake is referred to as Lag la Cauma, which translates to "lake siesta". For those looking for an adventure, there are breathtaking mountain biking routes and hiking trails with captivating views. Experience breathtaking mountain views while riding modern cable cars. Once you reach the summit, you can choose from a variety of hiking trails with varying levels of difficulty. Whether you prefer an easier hike with fewer elevation changes or a more challenging route, there's something for everyone.

beyoul’s  pick:

Do you enjoy tracking activities? In Switzerland, the Pinut via ferrata is the oldest surviving via ferrata, with a written record dating back to 1739. It has been renovated in 2007 but has remained in its current form since 1907.

2. St. Moritz

While St. Moritz is widely known as a winter sports destination, it actually originated as a summer vacation spot due to its healing mineral springs. Nowadays, St. Moritz continues to draw in numerous visitors during the summer months with its array of activities, stunning scenery, and exciting events.

St. Moritz is not only known for its stunning mountains but also for its beautiful lakes that offer a range of water activities. Whether you want to relax by the lake or try out some water sports, there's something for everyone. Lake St. Moritz is especially popular among sailors, as it hosts several regattas during the summer season.

beyoul’s  pick:

Indulge in the goodness of a homemade coffee and a delicious slice of Engadine nut tart at Hanselmann. It's a truly fantastic experience!

3. Arosa

Arosa is a renowned Alpine health resort since 1877 due to its location at the bottom of a wide valley that provides a lot of sunshine and protection from strong winds. The air in Arosa is very pure since there is no transit traffic. You can access Arosa by Rhaetian Railways from Chur or by car, driving on over 365 serpentines and through several tunnels, past the smaller holiday resort of Langwies. Arosa has over 200 km of hiking and walking trails. The 10 lakes hike is a highly recommended 15 km tour that takes you from one beautiful mountain lake to the next. Another great option is the Schanfigg circuit from Chur to Arosa and back, which features plenty of traditional mountain cabins, nicely maintained stretches of land, and alpine pastures.If you love mountain biking, Arosa and Lenzerheide have plenty of trails for you to explore. In Lenzerheide, you can also take advantage of the bike park and skill center, and even attend a bike school. Visitors can also enjoy watching or participating in various biking events.

beyoul’s  pick:

The Squirrel trail is a favored route for families due to its themed attraction. Visitors can feed the friendly squirrels straight from their hands, which captivates both young and old. The trail commences at Tomeli-Street, situated below Waldhotel National, and concludes at the bus stop, Maran, after traversing through the forest.

4. Davos

Davos, the highest city in Europe, with its pristine glacial valleys including Sertig and Dischma is a breathtaking destination. The region is home to five distinct mountains, each with its own charm and appeal. From the timeless and classic Parsenn with its long slopes, to the event-packed Jakobshorn, and the lesser-known Rinerhorn, which is a hidden gem among snow enthusiasts. During the Summer Season, experience unforgettable adventures in nature by hiking in the Davos Klosters Mountains. Explore picturesque trails that take you through a breathtaking mountain landscape. With over 700 km of marked hiking trails, Davos Klosters has the perfect route for every type of hiker. Davos Kloster is a great destination for bikers with an impressive 1300 km of bike trails. One of these trails, the Alps Epic Trail Davos, is among the best mountain bike trails worldwide. Additionally, the well-known bridge from the "Home of Trails" video, where Danny MacAskill showcases his skills by balancing on the wall over an approximately 84-meter drop, can be found at the Wiesen train station.

beyoul’s  pick:

The Schatzalp, which inspired Thomas Mann's novel "Magic Mountain," is situated on a sunny plateau above Davos. It's worth noting that the Schatzalp Panorama Restaurant not only has a spectacular view of Davos but also serves delicious fondue specialities.

5. Zermatt

Nestled at the base of the stunning Matterhorn mountain, Zermatt is a renowned tourist destination closely associated with the world's most famous peak. There are plenty of enjoyable activities to partake in during the summer in Zermatt, including hiking and rock climbing. With a vast network of over 400 kilometers of trails, visitors can marvel at breathtaking views. One of the top highlights is the Gornergrat cog railway that runs from Zermatt to the peak of Gornergrat, towering at 3039 meters high. It's worth noting that this railway was the first electrified cog railway ever built.

beyoul’s pick:

Did you know that skiing during the summer is possible? At Klein Matterhorn, you can enjoy over 322 kilometers of slopes, making it the largest and highest altitude summer ski area in Europe. Why wait for winter when you can ski during the summer? 

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Discover how the beyoul co-ownership model can help homeowners save money and effort.

Tips & Advices


by Nicole Hardegger

If you own a holiday property that you don’t fully utilize, beyoul provides an opportunity to sell the unused portion. This not only makes owning a home more affordable, but it also ensures that the property is taken care of in terms of renovation and maintenance. In this blog post, we take a closer look at beyoul's co-ownership model and how you can continue to dispose of your property on a pro-rata basis rather than having to sell it outright.

1. Understanding the beyoul co-ownership model

Do you have a holiday home that you only use for a few weeks a year? While owning your own piece of paradise can be wonderful, the costs of upkeep, administration, and maintenance can be expensive and time-consuming. Instead of owning 100% of something and only using it a small portion of the time, consider a personal retreat to get away from the daily grind without the hassle.

Beyoul brings the co-ownership model to Switzerland, which revolutionises the way people own homes.

2. Your advantages as a homeowner

Do you have a holiday home that you only use for a few weeks a year? If so, you might be tired of paying the full running costs all year round. Beyoul’s co-ownership model can help you reduce your expenses and enhance the value of your property in the long term. With beyoul, you can adjust your ownership to your usage and sell some shares of your property to gain capital for further investments. Beyoul also takes care of renovating your house and furnishing it with high-quality furniture. But that's not all - co-ownership brings together like-minded people who share similar interests and goals. This creates a sense of community and makes the co-ownership experience even more enjoyable. If you're struggling with the high costs of owning a holiday property, co-ownership with beyoul might be the perfect solution for you. Find out if your property is suitable for beyoul today.

3. This is how beyoul's co-ownership model works.

The concept is simple. In the beyoul co-ownership model, instead of a single party, two to eight parties with as complementary use wishes as possible own a holiday property. This significantly reduces the costs of purchase and maintenance. According to your participation, you can dispose of your property proportionally and reserve stays conveniently via the app. The credit system in combination with a smart algorithm ensures a fair distribution of availability among all owners.

The model is intended to benefit all parties by giving them access to their home in proportion to their share, while at the same time meaning less effort and administration... Are you a second home owner wondering how this model can benefit you? With this model, you don't have to sell your property outright and can always have access to the shares of the property you want to keep. Additionally, beyoul will renovate your property, furnish it with high-quality and modern utilities, and maintain it regularly. Before each stay, the property is professionally cleaned and any wear and tear is repaired, ensuring that you always feel the same joy as when you first entered your dream home.

4. How to become part of beyoul's co-ownerships.

  • We are happy to check whether your property meets our criteria. If this is the case, we will prepare a property-specific study for your property and, based on this, a concrete offer. You decide how much of the property you would like to keep and have access to (maximum 6 months per year).

  • We divide the remaining property into 1/8 shares and market these to an exclusive and selected group of interested parties.

  • During a refurbishment phase, we work with our service providers to ensure that each beyoul property feels comfortable and attractive to all co-owners, while still retaining as much of its previous charm as possible.

  • After the short conversion and furnishing phase, you can dispose of your property on a pro-rata basis in accordance with the contract and no longer have to worry about maintenance and cleaning in the future, nor do you have to bear the costs for these on your own.

  • Would you like to know more about beyoul and its advantages? We will be happy to answer all your questions.