Why pay for the whole property if you can only use it for a few weeks a year? With beyoul, you only purchase as many shares in the property as are effectively useful to you .

ecologically responsible

Ecologically responsible

With more efficient occupancy, beyoul gives you access to second home ownership without having to develop a new building area.



The good feeling of owning your own retreat can quickly be clouded by the associated maintenance costs and expenses. With beyoul, on the other hand, all the necessary measures are included in the price. By jointly covering the costs, these are proportionately reduced many times more.


Well invested

With beyoul, you automatically participate in the development of the real estate market without having to invest millions. Among other things, our properties are specifically selected according to market-relevant criteria.


Socially sustainable

Vacant properties harm the local culture. The beyoul model helps to minimise this aspect. Contracts in connection with the properties are also preferably awarded locally.

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Co-Ownership Vacation Homes in Switzerland

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