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Advantages of beyoul

Most holiday properties are used for less than 10 weeks a year. Yet buyers have to pay the full purchase price and 100% of the running costs.The beyoul co-ownership model helps owners to adapt their ownership to their specific use, significantly reduce running costs and expenses and enhance the value of the property in the long term. 


beyoul combines the advantages of using holiday properties according to your needs with the positive long-term effects of a purchase. Because owning your own holiday property is more than just a place to spend your free time. It opens up a new dimension of very personal experiences on site, positive thoughts in everyday life and, last but not least, represents an investment in value. beyoul offers access to all of this in a smart and contemporary way that was simply not possible before.

Is your Home Suitable For beyoul?

Do any of these statements apply to you? 

  • You own a holiday home (a house or a flat) which you should renovated in the next few years.

  • You use this property regularly but still it is empty many months a year.

  • You do not want to sell this special place because it is linked to many personal memories.

  • You would like to diversify your portfolio and invest in other properties or asset classes.

  • You have a general need for liquidity in the coming years for other reasons

With our innovative Co-Ownership concept, beyoul, we can offer you a contemporary solution that allows you to keep as much of your property as you actually need. 

We help you to make the most of vacancies, to renovate your property and to minimise your maintenance and management costs.

How the beyoul Co-Ownership concept works - read more

Next Steps


We will be happy to check whether your property meets our criteria. If this is the case, we will prepare a property-specific study for your property and, based on this, a concrete offer. You decide how much of the property you would like to keep and have access to (maximum 6 months per year).


We divide the remaining property into 1/8 shares and market these to an exclusive and selected group of interested parties. It is particularly important to us to have a balanced mix of co-owners.


If enough interested parties are found, the real estate company is founded and the transaction is carried out.


During the renovation phase, we work with our service providers to ensure that each beyoul property feels comfortable and attractive to all co-owners, while retaining as much of its previous charm as possible. 


After the short renovation and furnishing phase, you can dispose of your property on a pro rata basis in accordance with the contract and no longer have to worry about maintenance and cleaning in the future, nor do you have to bear the costs for these on your own.

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