beyoul Co-Ownership Concept

Own smart

With beyoul's co-ownership concept, the dream of owning your own holiday home becomes reality, and in a contemporary and smart way: Acquire only as much of the property as you can actually use and enjoy your holidays in your personal residence in the future.
beyoul Co-Ownership Concept - Your Smart Way to Own a Holiday Home

Your own piece of paradise

A personal retreat to switch off, far away from everyday life. A place to recharge your batteries, experience new things, combined with an investment in value - there are many good reasons for owning your own holiday home.

Often, however, it remains a dream - the hurdles associated with it are too high: time-consuming maintenance, laborious administration, rising real estate prices, high maintenance costs, and all this with only a few weeks of average use per year.

So why own 100% of something and only use a fraction of it?

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The beyoul Co-Ownership Concept

With the beyoul Co-Ownership concept, instead of one single party, two to eight parties with similar usage requirements own a holiday home. This significantly reduces the costs of purchase and maintenance.

Unlike other models, such as time-sharing, the acquired shares actually become your property and thus represent not only access to a property, but also a real investment in this asset class. 

According to your ownership share, you can use the property proportionally and reserve stays conveniently via the app. A credit system in conjunction with a smart algorithm ensures a fair distribution of availability among the co-owners.  

Before each stay, the property is professionally cleaned and any wear and tear is repaired, so that you experience the same pleasure with each visit as when you first entered your dream home.

Offered services

To arrive and enjoy, that's what beyoul is all about. We take care of everything else so you can enjoy every minute of your stay to the fullest. Our service team is available for you 365 days a year and ensures an all-round relaxed experience.

Concierge Service

Personal contact and continuous availability


Professional cleaning after each stay

Fresh towels and bed linen

Replacement included in the housekeeping service


Basic equipment is checked and replenished after each stay

Real Estate Management

Maintenance & servicing included


Centralised regulatory correspondence through our experts


Permanent access to all information with the beyoul app


Together with our experienced interior design partners, we ensure with great attention to detail that each house can develop its individual charm in accordance with its location.

Stylish interior design

High-quality materials and timeless design

Functional amenities

Clever solutions for all usage situations

Private storage space

Secure storage for personal belongings

Secure stay

Modern burglary protection and access control

Home office of a different kind

Ideal for home office thanks to high speed internet and comfortable seating

How to become co-owner



We use our evaluation scheme to identify particularly attractive holiday homes. In doing so, we take into account various property-related factors such as the attractiveness of the location, access to local attractions, proximity to the town centre as well as the local price trend over the last few years and other factors influencing the price.



You choose your favourite from our selected domiciles. If you can't find a property that suits you at the moment, please send us an enquiry - we are constantly expanding our range and will be happy to inform you when we can make you an appropriate offer.

Your own piece of paradise



With the support of our Customer Service Team, you can purchase your share of the desired property effortlessly and notarised.



As soon as all formalities have been clarified and the upgrading work has been completed, the only thing left for you to do is book your stay conveniently online or via our app and live your very own personal holiday dream.

We find ideal properties